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Education System in Northern Cyprus

Preschool Education

Preschool education in Northern Cyprus is not part of the compulsory education program, so all institutions for young children are private. This means there are no free kindergartens. These institutions focus on social adaptation, physical development, and general education (including reading, writing, logic, and counting). Emphasis is placed on learning Turkish and English, and children can start attending from the age of three. The cost ranges from approximately 200-400 euros per month.

School Education

School education is divided into primary and secondary education:

  • Primary Education: Children begin school at the age of six and spend five years in primary school.
  • Secondary Education: After primary school, students move on to secondary school for another six years.

There are both public and private secondary educational institutions. In public schools, the education is in Turkish with English taught as an additional subject. In private schools, lessons are taught in English. Each institution undergoes mandatory accreditation, ensuring a high standard of education.

Famous private institutions in Northern Cyprus include:

  • The English School in Kyrenia
  • Girne American College and University
  • Necat British College, which follows the Montessori system and prepares students for Cambridge exams

For families concerned about their children’s education, there is also an option for online Russian schooling.

Higher Education

The higher education process begins in September, is divided into two semesters, and ends with exams. Students earn a bachelor’s degree after four years of study and accumulating 180-240 credits. To obtain a master’s degree, students study for an additional three semesters and must earn 300 credits.

The quality of education is high, with degrees recognized across Europe. Entry is relatively easy, and the cost is low. Universities offer advanced material and technical facilities, numerous clubs, and the educational process is conducted in English, enhancing language skills. Students are provided with dormitories, costing around 6-7 thousand euros per year. Medical and engineering specialties tend to be more expensive.

To study in Northern Cyprus, students need to apply for a visa, gather the necessary documents, and contact the special department at the university. Scholarships and grants (up to 100%) may be available based on the applicant’s potential.

Graduating Students


Today, Girne American University is considered the most popular institution, attracting foreign students from 70 countries. Eastern Mediterranean University ranks among the top 5% of universities worldwide. Cyprus International University is recognized for its high-quality education and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

There are about 15 higher educational institutions in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Notable universities include:

  • Middle East Institute (Nicosia): An international university known for strong academic staff and a focus on science, art, and sports.
  • European University (Lefke): Offers numerous undergraduate and graduate programs in English.
  • Karpas University: Actively engaged in both education and research.
  • Girne University: Specializes in aviation and maritime studies.
  • University of Western Scotland: Among the top five largest institutions in Scotland, known for high-quality education and research.
  • Creative Arts and Design University: Focuses on art, design, and communication.
  • Middle East Technical University: Has a strong scientific base and ranks among the top 60 prestigious universities worldwide.

All these institutions are equipped with modern laboratories, research centers, and training programs, providing comfortable living conditions for students.

Thus, when considering buying property in North Cyprus, the quality of education available for your children is an important factor. With a wide range of options and excellent educational infrastructure in every city, Northern Cyprus offers a promising environment for both education and living.

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